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The Third International Conference on Applications of Anthropology in Business

The Third International Conference on Applications ofAnthropology in Business
Call for Papers (Tentative)
In order to promote phenomenon-driven and context based study on management and marketing research in the business world, the Advanced Research College of Applied Anthropology and Business School at Jishou University will host “The Third International Conference on Applications of Anthropology in Business” to be held between May 9-11, 2014 in Zhangjiajie.  The conference will be co-sponsored by the College of Administration, Hebei University, and the North America Business Press (more co-sponsors will be added).  Prior to the conference, there will be a two-day workshop on ethnographic and qualitative research methods in business studies by worldwide famous Business Professor Dr. Russ Belk.
The conference would like to accept papers from scholars all over the world, who are interested in the anthropological study of business theories and practices. Please submit your paper proposals to the conference by email:, the deadline for proposal is due on Jan. 15, 2014.  The full paper is due on March. 31, 2014.  The acceptance notice of paper proposal will be issued by March 15, 20014. 
The themes/topics of the conference include but are not limited to:
1.                  Anthropological study of contextual management and marketing phenomenaand cultural issues in the business environment
2.                  Ethnographic methods and applications in business studies
3.                  Business Ethnography Vs. Traditional Ethnography
4.                  Anthropological study of organizational and strategic behavior
5.                  Anthropological study of consumer behaviorbranding, advertising and marketing communication strategies
6.                  Anthropological study of cross-cultural business communications and practices
7.                  Anthropological study of product design and development
8.                  Anthropological study of international business strategies
9.                  The applications of anthropology in business education
10.              Anthropological study of organizational development and change
11.              Anthropological study of entrepreneurships
The Academic Committee of the Conference consists of the following scholars:
Professor YANG Tianshuo Chair (Confirmed)
Professor GUO Yi, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Dr. Russell Belk, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Dr. Dominique Desjeux, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Dr. Timothy Malefyt, Co-Chair (To Be Confirmed)
Dr. Davide Torsello, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Dr. ZHOU Daming, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Dr. TIAN Guang, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Dr. LUO Kanglong, Co-Chair (Confirmed)

The Organizational Committee of the Conference consists of the following scholars:
Professor ZHONG Jianpin, Chair (Vice President of Jishou University, Confirmed)
Professor ZHANG Jijiao, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Professor SUN Jianfu, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Professor JIANG Caifang, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Professor David Smith, Co-Chair (Confirmed)
Professor TIAN Guang, Co-Chair (General Secretary for the Conference, Confirmed)
Qualified conference papers will be published in the following double bland peer-reviewed academic journals in addition to the conference proceedings:
Special Issues on Business Anthropology, The Anthropologist, SSCI indexed
Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Cabell Directory listed
American Journal of Management, Cabell Directory listed
Journal of Management Policy and Practice, Cabell Directory listed
Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, Cabell Directory listed
International Journal of Business Anthropology, Cabell Directory listed
International Journal of China Marketing, Cabell Directory listed
Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, Cabell Directory listed
The format of the paper:
Produced in MS-Word 95 or greater (or equivalent), please no pdf.
1 inch margins on all sides
8.5” x 11” paper size, not A4
Single spacing, from beginning of document
One space after all punctuation
Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
Full justification except where noted
Do not page number
Do not use footnotes or endnotes. If necessary, manually number using superscript and list numbered notes after body of paper and before references.
Paragraphs should be continuous, no line spaces between paragraphs, with a 1/4 inch indentation at each new paragraph no landscape oriented pages or color graphs please.
Article title should appear at 2.5 inches (8 hard returns) from top: title should be centered, bold, 14 pt font, Times New Roman. Each author, with affiliation, should be centered below title, with space between first author and title, and each subsequent author/affiliation, 12 pt font, bold, Times New Roman.
After the last author’s affiliation, hard return 4 times and place an abstract of no more than 100 words. Abstract is in italics, 12 pt font, with no indentation.


Scale Measurements in Marketing Research

Michael Johnson

University of Georgia

William Davis
              University of Oregon  (return)

This is where the abstract would start…Do not use the word Abstract…Do not indent

When the abstract is complete, hard return 1 time and start the body of the paper.


First level headings should be bold, all caps, 12 pt Times New Roman, Left Justified with 1 line space above and below the heading.
Second Level Heading
Second level headings should be bold, 12 pt Times New Roman, Left Justified with one space above the heading, none below, using capitals as in a title.

Third Level Heading

Third level headings should be italic, 12 pt Times New Roman, Left Justified with one space above the heading, none below, using capitals as in a title.
TABLES, FIGURES and GRAPHS: They should be numbered consecutively within each category; thus, a paper might have a TABLE 1, FIGURE 1, and GRAPH 1. Each table, figure, and graph should be self contained and centered along with the headings being centered, all capital letters, bold, 12 pt font, and appear in the body of the paper in its appropriate location (See Table 1). Excessive tables, figures, graphs and raw data are discouraged. They should directly aid in the reading of the article. If needed, but cumbersome, they should be included in an appendix. If an Appendix is included, it should appear after the references. Because the journal is printed in black and white, please do not use color in illustrations.


Every reference in an article should provide specific information in the order specified by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA): The acceptable citation style is (Alan, 1981) coming at the final point of the paraphrased citation, or (Davis,, 1999, p.116) coming after a quote.
The author's: last name, first initial, middle initial_(year of publication in parentheses)._title of article._ name of publication – italics,_volume number,_both beginning and ending pages of the article. Left Justify all lines of referencing, with double space between references. Two journal and one book examples below.
Alan, B.P. (1981). Management Directed Buyouts. Journal of Management, 27, (3), 23-34.
Davis, M.R., Jones, L.K. & English, C.P. (1999). Directing LBO’s in Aviation Firms. Journal of Strategic Policy, 41, Fall, 113-127.
Johnson, B. (1993). Principles of Banking, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT and PERMISSIONS: By accepting publication into the journals listed above, it implies that the Journals have copyright assignment from the authors, and the accepted articles have not appeared or been accepted for publication elsewhere.


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