Thursday, September 19, 2013

International Journal of Business Anthropology Vol. 4 (2)

International Journal of Business Anthropology Vol. 4 (2)
Table of Contents

Editorial Commentary Substantive Paradigms and Business Anthropology
Alf H. Walle

Anthropological Perspective in HR Management: A case study of China-based Multi-national Corporation
Yan Yan

Insurance Culture in China Under the Conditions of Transformation
Yuanxion Tang, Wenjiang Chen, and Yang Zhou

Factors Affect the Employment Longevity of Staff Working with Clients Possessing Intellectual Disabilities
Michael W. Firmin, Katlyn M. Orient, Heather Steiner, and Ruth L. Firmin

Sensemaking the Small Business Credit Crunch: The Network of Recession and Barriers to Recovery Christopher M. Hartt and Keltie Jones

Does Competitive Intelligence Matter? An Anthropological Way of Thinking
Hong Wang and Luis Borges

Challenges and Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management
Sigamani P and Shweta Malhotra


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