Tuesday, February 22, 2011

International Journal of Business Anthropology Vol. 2 (2) Tentative TOC

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Volume 2(2)
International Journal of
Business Anthropology
Tentative Table of Contents

Editorial Commentary

Cross Cultural Cooperation: Hybridization of Dutch – Indian Work Practices in Geographically Distributed IT Projects

Alfons van Marrewijk

Creating a Culture of Enterprise Cybersecurity

Allen W. Batteau

Organizational and Leadership Practice of Micro Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Multicultural Context: A Structural Reproduction Analysis

Xiaohua Lin, Jian Guan, and J. David Knottnerus

Anthropological Approaches to Cross-cultural Communications: Understanding Key Issues in International Business

Robert Guang Tian and Camilla Hong Wang

Business Anthropology and the Technology Company

Catherine Forsman and Daisy Rojas

The Economic Implications of Kinship: Petty Entrepreneurs in Guangzhou Garment Industry

Gao Chong

Social Capital and Corporate Cultures: The Case of Bulgaria

Adelina Milanova