Monday, January 30, 2012

International Journal of Business Anthropology Volume 3(1)

Table of Contents

Editorial Commentary

Practices of Cross Cultural Collaboration in Sustainable Water Management in Bangladesh
Jaap de Heer and Andrew Jenkins

Vitamin Practices and Ideologies of Health and the Body
Maryann McCabe and Antonella Fabri

Space and Place as User-Experience: Taking Notting Hill as an Example
Pedro Oliveira

Making Sense of Good Life: Local Modernity from a Traditional Industrial-Commercial Region in Southern China
Luo Youmin

The Effectiveness of Social Marketing Mix Strategy: Towards an Anthropological Approach
Guang Tian and Luis Borges

Applied Ethics: Anthropology and Business
Barry R. Bainton

Localization of French Hypermarket Carrefour and Japanese General Merchandise Store Ito-Yokado
Zoe Zhu Yi

Negotiating Intimacies in an Eroticized Environment: Xiaojies and South China Entertainment Business
Yu Ding